Letting Go Of Judgement

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Inspiration

Not all judgement is negative. As a society, we use judgement as a tool to pull together to call out any actions that could be harmful. Premeditated murder for example. Collectively we can agree that is just wrong. There is just no dissuading me on that one.

Unfortunately, we often use it in a way that shames or belittles another or ourselves.

The best way I know of to catch myself in the act of judgement on another is if I say the word “should” about the words or actions of another…or even myself. He should help more. She should wear that other dress. I should eat less. None of that is helpful! And every time I vocalize that, I am demonstrating the areas my character still needs some work.

Best part…I want to do the work and encourage the opportunities to be a better me! #lettinggoofjudgement #lunchboxwisdoms #wendyswisdoms

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