Funny, not funny

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Some days as an entrepreneur feel just like this. Today is one of those days for my little adventure. I got some news yesterday that has me pulling back and taking time to think about how I move forward. Reflection can be a powerful thing, but in this case, I did the best I knew with the information I had. Now, I have new knowledge. And with that comes a point of decision.

It feels much like grieving. This loss. But I know…this too shall pass. I will be better, stronger and wiser for the experience. But right now all I can think is… Well shit. What now?

Usually Fridays are reserved for funny stuff. Since stress and I are being besties at the moment, I am hoping you can help! SHARE YOUR BEST FUNNY MEMES AND QUOTES WITH US!

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